What is Coaching

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Coaching: what is it about?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a coachee (the coach’s client) that is useful to develope and maximize the coachee’s personal and professional potential.
It is thus aimed at assisting people and groups who request it, in order to improve their results, achieve goals and effectively face change. It is therefore not a therapy, as can be psychological support, but not even a form of advice based on suggestions and best practice to be repeated.
The coaching process will help to build the desired future, acquiring greater awareness and working to bring out and strengthen the potential and helping to develop new skills.
In the sessions of the course you will be listened to, supported, followed, motivated, monitored and challenged so that you can achieve the desired results.
The listening during sessions will be full, clarifying from time to time what the real goals are, what are the available resources, which are missing and what are the limits that may prevent the achievement of the goal.
A precise, tailor-made action plan will then be drawn up to help achieve the results.


What can be achieved by coaching?

The most significant results and benefits of a Coaching course are:

Identifing the actions that produce the best results
Increasing personal and professional satisfaction
Developing your own potential
Improving relations
Focusing on objectives and thus providing greater clarity on the future
Finding a better work-life balance
Managing time and priorities more effectively

achieve your goals

How can Coaching help?

The Coaching model I use is Ontological-Transformational, it originates from constructivist philosophy and takes elements of philosophy of language, psychology and biology of knowledge.
The theoretical assumption, from which this approach is developed, is that there is no unique, objective and immutable representation of reality, but that every human being generates his own world through the cognitive process, through the observation and narration of what happens.
It is proposed to experiment with different conversational models, that can open new spaces of action towards results out of the ordinary.
In this model, Linguistic Distinctions are used, in particular, as a working tool, i.e. nuances of meaning assigned to words of common use, through which new interpretations of reality are obtained that favour a change of perspective and action.

My Sessions

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs who want to develop, innovate and make their business more effective, in order to increase their satisfaction.

Daily life is often full of difficulties and unexpected events and the internal dialogues often lead to the perception of being overwhelmed: this increases frustration, sense of inadequacy and the feeling of not succeeding.
Has it ever been considered that this situation is beyond the skills and technical abilities of one’s own activity? Is it a more subtle problem?

Sport Coaching

Sports challenges can be a great lesson in understanding how best to deal with life’s difficulties. The mind and emotions play an important role and when properly managed they allow you to get in touch with your real potential. The great champions are very skilled in this and make full use of them.

So how does the mind of a champion work?

What is the reasoning, thoughts, beliefs and points of view of those who, by trade, never give up?

Who is always ready to get up after a fall?

Knowing these valid strategies can help you face with greater determination and effectiveness,the challenges that life poses.

Life Coaching

First of all, to undertake a Life Coaching course is a profound experience able to change the quality of one’s personal and professional life for the better, providing knowledge, tools and techniques to face the present in a more satisfactory and effective way, so as to create one’s own future in a conscious, indipendent and trustworthy way.

It is, therefore, a path in which the coach stimulates the person to achieve their goals, providing tools both to analyze the reality and to develop their personal potential.