About Me

“When the mind is free of any thought or judgment, then and only then can we know things as they are.”
Timothy Gallwey

Alessandro De Angelis

ICF Certified Coach

My Qualification

Alessandro De Angelis ACC ICF

Hello and welcome

my name is Alessandro De Angelis, born in Rome, city where I currently live and where I practice my profession as a Coach.

I have a degree in Economics with a master’s in Finance;

I have been working in this field for almost twenty years now. Since the early years of my youth, I have also cultivated a great passion for teaching sports, which has accompanied me in all the cities where, over time, I lived.

The sport I am talking about is kick boxing, a sport that today I teach with passion.

This activity is very precious for me.

It allowed me to meet many people, students and friends, gave me the opportunity to stay in close daily contact with a variety of personal challenges, desires, ambitions, fears and difficulties that the students chose to share with me.

Photo with Tim Gallway

The beginning of the path

One evening several years ago, in a bar in Bologna, I found myself talking to a friend about the challenges that life often presents to us. It was during that conversation that I realized that I have a deep passion for supporting the development and personal growth of people and it had been long-established.

In the following days, I did put into practice my passion in a more efficient way: I started my training in Executive Coaching at the Escuela Europea de Coaching (EEC), I then qualified as an Associate Certified Coach at the International Coach Federation (ICF), embracing the ethical standards.
By attending the EEC course, I learned and strengthened my competence, essential for coaching

I deepened my studies with I&G Management developing and developed skills and competences in the field of emotional awareness following Professor Paul Ekman’s method.

Photo with Shiri Ben-Arzi and Damian Goldvarg

In conclusion

Even today I continue to pursue my education with the curiosity and perseverance of those who know how vital it is to be able to discover new points of view and what is necessary, even if at time it’s difficult, to abandon one’s comfort zone to succeed in change.

Today with enthusiasm I put my knowledge and professionalism at the disposal of all those who decide to undertake Life, Business and Sport coaching courses.

Structured paths, each one aiming to focus on the specific characteristics of the individual, on the rapid achievement of the stated objectives and the coachee’s autonomy.

With the hope of soon getting to know you, I greet you with the words of Albert Einstein who for me have marked turning points in moments of my life in which I felt immobile:

«Folly is always doing the same thing and expecting different results».


In breve tempo con Alessandro ho potuto affrontare e superare alcuni limiti che mi ponevo da tutta la vita. Il percorso che mi ha proposto è stato assolutamente filologico e razionale, e mi ha finalmente aperto la mente a tutte le possibilità che non sapevo di aver sempre avuto.

Lorenzo M. (architetto)
Attraverso il percorso di coaching si concretizzano degli scenari nuovi da metabolizzare e percorrere. E’ stato davvero utile per affrontare le sfide organizzative, di gestione del tempo in particolare, sia in ambito lavorativo che personale. Grazie coach!
Alma A. (business analyst)

L’esperienza che ho fatto con Alessandro De Angelis è stata risolutiva per fare un cambio di passo nel mio ambito professionale. Ho rifondato il mio studio di Architettura con nuovi soci. Non escludo di ripetere questa esperienza con Alessandro al fine di delineare nuovi obiettivi.

Gianfilippo R. (Architetto - Founder 2020_A)